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MonthDecember 2013

Happy Holidays! We are taking some time off.

happyholidays (1) I want to extend my warmest wishes for a safe and Happy Holiday Season to you, your family and loved ones.  Remember those in need during this festive season.  May all your dreams become reality in 2014.   Happy Holidays!   Merry Christmas! and Happy New Year!   We’ll be back in January!

Your best interest is my only interest.

As always, I welcome your comments, calls and questions.

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Winter Home maintenance tips

House in the snow They say Christmas can be one of the most stressful times of year.   Well, your house couldn’t agree more. With snow on the ground since November, it looks like we are in for long hard winter.

Your house is an important investment that you want to keep in tip top shape, especially if you are planning to be there for the foreseeable future. It’s also your home, which means regular maintenance is necessary to ensure your family’s safety and ongoing enjoyment.

CMHC (Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation) has compiled this general maintenance checklist to help you keep your home in top shape: Continue reading “Winter Home maintenance tips”

Top 10 Mortgage Tips for 2014

Top 10 A peek at the year ahead: Our Top Ten Mortgage Tips for 2014!

Your home may be the biggest investment you’ll ever make. That means you want to be smart with your mortgage. Although we can’t say for sure what mortgage rates will do – or how the housing market will shift – we have compiled our top tips for the year ahead; sensible strategies for today’s homebuyers and owners.

1. Variables are back.  Several lenders are offering strong “prime minus” rates that could save you thousands in interest. And the Bank of Canada is still holding their key “overnight rate” very steady and very low… making variable-rate mortgages a sensible option right now. Fixed versus variable has always been a challenging mortgage decision. Let us help you decide which financing option best meets your needs.

2.  Don’t sleepwalk through your mortgage renewal. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to save thousands on your mortgage. When your lender sends you a letter saying it’s time to renew… then it’s time to get an expert second opinion. We’re independent and we have access to over 50 lenders. If there’s a better deal, we’ll find it.

3. Pay your phone bill on time!Paying your bills on time has always been the most important credit habit. Equifax recently started to include phone companies on credit bureau reports – so your lender can see if you have any delinquencies with your phone bills. Look like a good borrower.

Continue reading “Top 10 Mortgage Tips for 2014”

CMHC’s Ontario Housing conference 2014 highlights: the news is good!

CMHCA few weeks ago, I attended CMHC’s Ontario Housing Market Outlook conference.  This annual conference provides Financial experts with an insight into some of the best data available.    Now, in case you didn’t know it, CMHC probably has the largest database of information in Canada.  So when they publish stats and make forecasts, we need to listen.

This year’s speakers included Ted Tsiakopoulos, Regional Economist CMHC, Ed Heese, Senior Market Analyst CMHC, Dave McLean, President Mattamy Homes (Canada’s largest home builder) and Peter Zimmerman, Director of Development Freed Developments (highrise condo builders).   I really enjoyed hearing Ted speak.  His presentation was backed up by a wealth of stats.   Let’s see if you agree about the forecast. Continue reading “CMHC’s Ontario Housing conference 2014 highlights: the news is good!”

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