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MonthFebruary 2016

Attn: Firstline mortgage clients… beware CIBC brand renewal offer!

FirstlinecibcIn June 2012, CIBC announced they would close Firstline Mortgages. All existing Firstline mortgage clients would be offered a CIBC brand mortgage renewal.

Hey, did anybody catch that?  “…..offered a CIBC brand mortgage renewal.”   This means your Firstline mortgage CANNOT be renewed into a Firstline brand because the brand is being discontinued.

In fact, in 2015, CIBC was sending all upcoming renewals a ‘Special CIBC Early Renewal Rate Offer’.  My first piece of advice…If you get this, don’t sign it without reviewing with your Mortgage Broker.   Continue reading “Attn: Firstline mortgage clients… beware CIBC brand renewal offer!”

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