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Renovation Tax Credit ending Jan 31 2010

The Federal Govt’s Home Renovation Tax Credit is coming to an end this month.  According to The tax credit was brought in last year as a way to help stimulate spending and create jobs.   A family could claim up to $1,350 in tax credits per family for projects costing between $1,000 and $10,000….provided the renos take place before February 1st, 2010…..

There was some speculation that the Home Reno Tax Credit would be extended or even continue with some modifications.  According to one conversation with an industry insider.   If you’re looking at getting some renos done, it’s not too late to take advantage of this program.

No increase expected by Bank of Canada

The Bank of Canada meets Tuesday to set the overnight rate, which in turn affects the Bank Prime rate… and as expected, no one thinks they will raise rates… Great news for borrowers.. money remains cheap…   Read the full report. Interesting little aside… the activity for mortgage underwriters has really picked up in the past 3 weeks…  looks like borrowers are taking advantage of the low rates….

December ’09 best ever for home sales

Hard to believe that we were or are in a recession when you hear reports like this one in the media.   It’s easy to say that this market is interest rate driven…. there’s a lot of truth to that, but there must also be some level of consumer confidence… confidence in having a job, being able to pay the mortgage…   We’ll have to watch and see how the Feds will view these numbers…

Remember, inflation will surely cause the government to raise rates.. up til now, no inflation concerns… Personally, I think it was partly driven by pent-up buyer demand…the market was much slower than normal in September, October and November…  we’ll be watching and reporting…stay tuned..

Burlington isn’t making the top 65 cities in Canada??

Some fun to end the week….Burlington’s Mayor, Cam Jackson, wants the city to be included in the next version of Canadian Monopoly…. as it stands, Burlington is not in the top 65 cities and the Mayor doesn’t agree… I think I support his position… read more in the Toronto Star .   If you want to vote, go to and have your say….

Real Estate prices expected to remain strong…

Here’s a little more good news…. Real estate prices are expected to remain strong in the first half of 2010 according to an article in the Canadian Press.

Did you know….. a 0.25% rate difference on a $250,000 mortgage adds up to a $3,100 savings over a typical 5 year term?   Factor in that your principal residence mortgage is not tax deductible and add in a 40% tax bracket and you are talking around a $5,000 difference…

Starting with the good news…

Welcome to the launch of   This is the place to find the latest on interest rates, trends, forecasts and 0pinions….  A mortgage is the biggest debt for most of us…take the time to get informed and stay informed…

The good news for today is that the Bank of Canada announced they won’t raise interest rates to cool the housing market, according to an article in the Globe and Mail, Jan 11th.

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