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Buy Now or Wait for House Prices to Fall?

The following article is reposted from 2014.  Housing bubble, market correction, real estate crash… these words aren’t new. Back in January 2014, I was hearing the same thing. Had you listened to the pessimistic outlook for real estate, where would you be today?  My philosophy stands and I believe my strategy has proven to be correct.  

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When Interest Rates Go Up, Do Property Values Go Down?

In 1990, Canadian house prices plummeted. Quickly too. Between March and September, property values were slashed up to 50% depending on where you lived in the country. A correction like this hadn’t happened for decades prior, and it hasn’t happened since. So why did it happen? 

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Don’t Fear the Rate Hikes

Last week, I came across an article with this headline:

“Bank Of Canada Will Raise Rates 500% This Year, To Start Within Weeks.”

Pretty scary headline right? The article claimed that there will be five rate hikes of 0.25% this year. Even worse, these hikes will start almost immediately – meaning the first hike will happen at the first Bank of Canada announcement of the year. 

That announcement happened yesterday. No rate hike.

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Will Lockdowns Have an Impact on the Housing Market?

Well, here we are again. Right back where we were last year. Provinces across the country have reintroduced restrictions that will no doubt leave a lasting impact on our economy. The housing market of course is no exception.

In my estimation, there will be quite a few similarities between our current situation and the one we faced last winter. However, there are some ways in which this lockdown could prove slightly different.

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Is It Better to Rent or Buy Your Home?

Spoiler alert: this isn’t one of those pro-renting articles that seem to be so in-vogue these days. You’ve probably seen the type. They purport that contrary to popular belief, if you look deeply into the long term economics of homeownership, you’ll find that it actually makes much more sense to rent. Some even tout the psychological benefits of foregoing homeownership (based on… not all that much).

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