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Mortgage Penalties exposed…. an in-depth study reveals unjust penalties.

On November 26, 2010, we reported that a good source told us the govt would not follow through on their promise to standardize mortgage penalties until this spring, at the earliest.

On December 15, 2010, we also reported that discounted Fixed mortgage rates were going up but Posted mortgage rates were staying the same… we stated that your mortgage penalty would not decrease as it normally does when rates go up.

We received some inquires about this article.   Questions like ‘shouldn’t my penalty go down if rates are going up?’ and ‘how could a mortgage penalty be more expensive if the Bank’s didn’t increase their posted rate?’

Okay, here’s my shocker statements….  A $200,000 mortgage taken in December 2008 will cost you $16,800 to get out of today…. but 12 years ago it would have cost you approximately $8,340 and even today, it should only cost $11,640.      Got your attention?   Please read the entire report to better understand. Continue reading “Mortgage Penalties exposed…. an in-depth study reveals unjust penalties.”