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I’m getting divorced. Should I keep the family home?

Divorce Image, March 2018

You’ve heard the stats: 1 out of every 2 marriages fails. Actually, I think the number of failed marriages is even higher now. Wait, let me rephrase that. A marital split is not a failure. I think that’s old-world thinking. A marital split is usually a positive move for all parties involved – for the spouses who are no longer in love and the kids who don’t have to see an unhappy married couple.

Marital splits can be a very emotional and difficult time in one’s life – especially when there are kids involved. There’s always one parent who wants to keep the house because the kids grew up there or have friends there or it’s just more familiar to them.

Having worked on 8,000+ mortgage applications at this stage in my career, I’ve witnessed my share of separations and divorces. I’m going to share what I’ve seen – a financial and personal perspective on marital splits.

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Federal Budget brings standard mortgage penalties

Minister of Finance, Jim Flaherty released the 2010 Federal Budget yesterday… There were a lot of headlines in the media but for the most part, very little change for the average Canadian…

Here are the numbers….

One change I did like is the standardization of mortgage prepayment penalties… No details were released but this could be welcome news for tens of thousands of Canadians that are in a fixed rate mortgage and can’t get out…..

You’ve been hearing about the govt stimulus plan… record low interest rates to help out Canadians… and then you contact your bank to see how much  you save… it’s good news.. your payment on a $250,000 mortgage with a 5.25% rate will drop by $189/mth with a 3.89% rate… it’s so exciting… that’s $11,340 over a 5 year term…. but WAIT… now you get told there is a penalty.. and it will cost you $13,000 to break your mortgage….

Sound unbelievable?  Call your bank to see how they calculate their penalties…   Those who have already done so know the reality of these numbers…..  The govt forgot about helping existing homeowners… the tens of thousands of taxpayers that needed and wanted a break…

How do you feel about the Big Six Banks reporting  Billion $ profits in the first quarter?   After all, didn’t the govt offer financial support to help the banks in case they ran into trouble?    Profit is good.. but not like this.. not at this time.. not when average Joe or Sally homeowner can’t benefit…

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