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Genworth Regional Risk Report

Some great stats just came out in Genworth’s regional risk reports. Here are a few of the highlights.

As expected, Ontario’s housing market has been very healthy and active and has been picking up steam over the last 2 years.

Alberta’s economy has been hit hard over the past 3 years due to the inability to bring its biggest resource, oil and gas, to the market. We’ve all read and heard about the pipeline debacle. However, the housing market is rebounding as is shown in the stats. Let’s hope action is taken to get our western Canadians some positive changes.  

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REAL facts on Housing Prices… they’re not dropping like you may think!

House Prices Blog Image, April 2018

In recent months, we’ve seen the mainstream media publish several stats and articles about Canada’s declining real estate market.

The popular stories go something like this: Home sales fall by 22%; or Home prices drop by 10%. Does that sound familiar? Bad news grabs our attention. It’s human nature.

Now, for a dose of reality…

It’s true, there are fewer home sales when compared to last year’s crazy red-hot housing market. In 2017, home sales and home prices were up 20% and 25% in the first four months of the year. That pace is unsustainable. We don’t ever want to match that pace. Continue reading “REAL facts on Housing Prices… they’re not dropping like you may think!”

Toronto Real Estate Board reports a 13% increase in sale prices

The Toronto Real Estate Board reported that sale prices are up 13%….The average sale price was $437,600 in April 2010 compared with $385,641 in April 2009.    Resales jumped 34% from last year April… and new listings jumped by 59%… Source National Post.

These figures could be viewed many different ways…. if listings are up, will the supply outpace the demand?  Or are homeowners just doing some profit taking?   Good topic for discussion….  We need to add in affordability to this mix… We’ll cover this further in the coming months.

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