Mortgage Rate history…25 year chart

Here’s an updated 25 year Interest Rate Chart.   The chart gets updated monthly by Firstline Mortgages, a division of CIBC.   Click here to see the data.

The only surprise is that interest rates didn’t go up as many experts had predicted last year and earlier this year…  To sum up why in just one word……UNCERTAINTY…..  there is a lot of uncertainty about he global recovery and the domestic economy…. watch for interest rates to stay fairly flat through the rest of 2010….

One Response to “Mortgage Rate history…25 year chart”

  1. alex Says:

    Interest rates have been on a downwards trend since 30 years.
    Comparison between fixed and variable may look different when interest rates are on a long-term upwards trend.
    So I’d be interested to see a comparison chart going back 40 years or so.

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