Spring market means lower mortgage rates..and some more creative financing.

A funny thing happened on our way to higher interest rates….  They did an about face and went down.

Fixed Rates

The bond market drives fixed rates… and the 5 year Govt of Canada bond market has come down around 50bps in the last month…  So far, we have seen lenders reduce fixed rates by around 30bps… We are seeing 5 yr fixed rates in the 3.89% from some better lenders… and we could see a few more drops.

But we are also seeing some very interesting programs for cashback deals that are worth a look at….there is a 5 year fixed rate at 4.29% with a 2% cashback.. this one is worth looking at as it puts some cash in your pocket and gives you a good rate…

Variable Rates

Fixed rates are good for those that don’t want to worry about rates going up or down and don’t mind paying a little more for the security of fixed payment.  But we can’t ignore the lower variable rate mortgages… still hovering around 2.25%…

Earlier this year, most Economists and Experts believed the Bank of Canada was going to raise the rate at their next regular meeting on May 31st.. but with weak economic data coming out of the U.S., Europe and even Canada, most now believe the Bank of Canada won’t move until September or even next year in January.

Historically, Variable rate has outperformed Fixed rates…the product choice depends your risk tolerance, goals and objectives….

2 Responses to “Spring market means lower mortgage rates..and some more creative financing.”

  1. Tina de Pierre Says:

    To each his own. We chose variable rates.


  2. Real Estate Invertor Software Says:

    The representation of lower mortgage as it appears in this blogs has provided a new wind of fresh air in the matter. I like your blog. Very valuable information SG.

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