Fixed mortgage rates down again!

We haven’t seen the bond market this low since November 2010.  The current 5 year Canadian Bond yield is 2.24%.  It’s only been below 2.00% a couple of times… Just after the 2008 U.S. mortgage crisis from December 2008 to January 2009 and late last year in October 2010.

Last year we saw the 5 year fixed mortgage rates hit an all time low of around 3.49%.  Today’s best 5 year fixed rate is hovering at around 3.79%….   Could be even be more room for fixed rates to drop….

Enjoy the low rates!

3 Responses to “Fixed mortgage rates down again!”

  1. MonaLisa Grey Says:

    Since the new conservative government have the majority, it shows the Canadian politics are in stable situation. Mark Carney is keeping a watchful eye on how Canadian economy is moving forward.There will be at least two rate hikes before this year is over.


    Mona Lisa Grey

  2. b ford Says:

    the government is largely irrelevant to this. when the Tories were in a minority the rates were just as low or lower. the tories largely governed like they had a majority.

    as for Tories being better for the markets, don’t believe it. the stock market did somewhat better with Liberals in power, according to a study. the saying is Tory times are hard times.
    Similarly in the USA, Democrats were better for stock returns and Republicans were worse. These are not large differences but enough that people can stop making silly assumptions or lying about the effects of governments.

    • SG Says:

      Thanks for your comments… I remember when the 1990 NDP govt took over in Ontario… those were tough times for all… it took us around 5 years to get out of that recession…

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