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Is the Gov’t Stalling on Your Tax Return? Here’s How I Handled it!

Blog Image, CRA, September 2018

Did you file your 2017 taxes on time, yet your NOA is MIA? If so, you’re not alone!

I’ve had this happen with a few of my clients… as well as with my own tax return! That’s right! My accountant filed my personal tax return in April… and for months, I didn’t receive my NOA. Every time I called the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), they either told me it was coming, they were working on it, or they reminded me they have up to four months to complete the return (FOUR MONTHS!?)!

Well, four months passed… and still nothing!

I begged CRA to complete my return because I needed it for mortgage financing purposes. But, of course, I got the standard answer that they can’t push mine ahead of others. GRRRR!

And we all know that, in 2018, if you don’t have proof that you’ve filed your latest tax return, you won’t get a mortgage. That’s our reality!

There are many business owners in this predicament!

I did some research and spoke with other accounting professionals for advice. In the end, I called my Federal member of parliament for help.

Why? Well, after much research, I found that there are a great number of self-employed individuals who’ve been getting the runaround with their income tax filing.

Did you know that you can ask your MPP to send a letter to CRA requesting that your return be expedited? All you have to do is provide authorization for your MPP to act on your behalf and share your income info… and a letter will be sent!

So, I did just that… and within ONE WEEK CRA said they’d process my return. And after another week, I received my NOA!


And in case this doesn’t work as effectively for you, there’s a service-related complaint form that you can fill out. The government hates to have complaints registered against them! That was my next step… but I was thankful not to have to take that route.

I hope you never have to go through this but, if you do, hopefully my experience will save you some time and stress!

Your best interest is my only interest. I reply to all questions and I welcome your comments. Like this article? Share with a friend.

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