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Housing And Mortgage Market Insights – Roundtable Discussion



Today Wednesday, October 28th, at 11:00 am EST. I will be joined by Senior Economists, Ted Tsiakopoulos and Real Estate Sales Representative, Janelle Cameron for a round table discussion of Housing and Market Insights. With Journalist Tracy Hanes, moderating we are sure to cover some great questions. 

If you have the time, I highly recommend registering above. 


Ted Tsiakopoulos – Senior Economist/Specialist Housing Markets Policy

Ted Tsiakopoulos is a professional economist and sought after speaker with over 25 years of experience analyzing housing and financial markets. Ted has also worked as an investment counsellor on Bay Street. His analytical toolkit includes experience with both fundamental and technical analysis. Over his professional career, his commentary and research has been widely quoted across major media outlets such as Money Magazine, BNN, CTV and CBC.

Ted has devoted significant personal time to financial literacy research and education serving as chair for a number of financial literacy committees and as a consultant to Junior Achievement of Canada.Ted is currently on the Board of Directors for the Toronto Association for Business and Economics, a member of the Canadian Association for Business and Economics and a member of the LAI Land Economics Association.

Janelle Cameron – Sales Representative Remax Hallmark

Jenelle has been helping clients buy and sell real estate across the GTA for more than 15 years – earning her place among the top-performing real estate sales representatives in the Toronto Real Estate Board. Her expertise spans all markets and categories including condominiums, freehold, commercial and investment properties.

Jenelle has been named one of the top realtors in the GTA for numerous years running. And she now coaches other realtors across North America to achieve success in their respective markets.

Steve Garganis – Mortgage Broker

Steve is a Mortgage Broker who specializes in providing expert mortgage advice. As an industry insider, Steve is committed to keeping you informed and up to date with the latest in Canada’s Mortgage News. With 15 years in senior management positions at Canada’s biggest banks and over 15 years as a Mortgage Broker, Steve brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in Mortgage expertise.

He’s also the founder and editor of  A news site dedicated to providing clear and concise info the Banks don’t want you to know. Steve has appeared on TV’s Global Morning News, CBC’s “Our Toronto” and The Real LIfe TV show to share his opinions on the mortgage industry. 


Tracy Hanes – Freelance Writer and Editor

Tracy is a Freelance Writer and Editor whose work has been published in The Globe and Mail, Epoch Times, The Hamilton Spectator,, St. Catharines Standard, The Mississauga News, Welland Tribune,, Cambridge Times and more. 

Tracy continues as one of the main writers for the Toronto Star’s real estate sections, as well as other Star sections; regular contributor to Ontario Home Builder and Sustainable Builder magazines.  

If you are interested in the State of the Housing Market now and in the future, Neighbourhood and Market Trends, the Impact of Covid-19 on Mortgage Rates,  the Qualification Process, and more, join us Today.

Dont Panic

How are things?

Dont Panic

Hope this update finds you well.   First, let’s make sure you are okay.  We will get through this.  I guarantee it!  I’ve been through the 2008-09 US subprime mortgage crisis, the SARS 2002 crisis, and the 1990 real estate collapse.  We recovered from all of those terrible times and we will recover from this. I am here to help you in any way possible.  Don’t hesitate to call on me for assistance.

The government has been announcing new programs to provide financial assistance almost daily.   And there have been just as many amendments to those programs as they work to fine tune the programs. 

I want to make sure you are informed with accurate info.  There’s been so much junk articles posted in the mainstream and social media outlets.  Let’s block out that junk and focus on reality.

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Genworth Regional Risk Report

Some great stats just came out in Genworth’s regional risk reports. Here are a few of the highlights.

As expected, Ontario’s housing market has been very healthy and active and has been picking up steam over the last 2 years.

Alberta’s economy has been hit hard over the past 3 years due to the inability to bring its biggest resource, oil and gas, to the market. We’ve all read and heard about the pipeline debacle. However, the housing market is rebounding as is shown in the stats. Let’s hope action is taken to get our western Canadians some positive changes.  

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When’s the best time to BUY a home? December, of course!

Blog Image, December Homebuying, November 2018

Let’s forget about hot and cold real estate markets for a second. I realize that’s hard to do with so many media outlets pushing opinions. But, let’s look at historical trends and patterns that have remained consistent for well over 30 years.

The Spring housing market is the best time to sell. Sale prices are usually highest from February to June. It’s also going to provide buyers with the most selection as the number of listings usually increases.

But, it’s important to remember, however, that the Spring’s not always the best time to buy.

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Canadians bought more U.S. real estate than almost anyone else!

From April 2016 to March 2017 Canadians spent $19billion buying U.S. properties, according to the U.S. National Association of Realtors.

Put another way, Canada was only behind China for all foreign purchases of U.S. real estate in 2016.   That’s an incredible stat that deserves more attention.

And what’s not been talked about is where Canadians are getting the money to buy these U.S. properties.  It isn’t so easy for a Canadian to borrow money from US Bank.  So, instead, Canadians are borrowing in Canada by refinancing the mortgage on their house, or getting a secured line of credit.  This is called leveraging.  Borrowing to invest isn’t a bad thing.  Most Financial Planners and advisor promote this.


Yet, all we keep hearing about is how Canadians are borrowing and spending like foolish children. And that’s just not true.  Here’s some numbers from 2016 …

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