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US Fed rate hike doesn’t mean Bank of Cda rate hike!

Janet YellenLast month, the US Fed Reserve Bank Chairperson, Janet Yellen, raised rates for the first time since 2006.    Historically, Canada follows the US with rate movement..  However, times are changing…Don’t expect Canada to follow the US move anytime soon.

stephen polozDivergence.  That’s the new buzz-word.  Bank of Cda Govr, Stephen Poloz said, “Usually you think of the Canadian economy following the U.S. economy fairly closely. This will be one of those places where it really doesn’t.”   “But as a macro statement, there will a divergence there. We’re already seeing it, and so you should expect a divergence in policy too,” he said.


We are still very much in bed with the US when it comes to trade and business… however, we’ve gone our own for quite some time now, when it comes to interest rates. We were one of the few countries in the world NOT affected by the US sub-prime mortgage crisis of 2008.

In 2010, the BOC (Bank of Cda) raised the rates with three 0.25% rate hikes.  Most other countries were not changing them at that time.  Then in 2015, the BOC lowerer the rate with two 0.25% rate cuts (of course, the BIG SIX BANKS showed their true greed and didn’t pass on that savings and only cut rates by 0.30%.. but that’s another story).

My message and advice… don’t pay too much attention to the media headlines saying rates have changed or moved.   There really hasn’t been much movement in the last 7 yrs.   And it’s probably not gonna change much in the next few years.

Be happy..  Interest rates are ridiculously low today…  enjoy!

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    • HI Sarah,

      Hard to say when rates will climb.. Right now, we have yet another crisis. The stock markets have been up and down over 10% already this year. Bond yields are way down, yet interest rates haven’t gone down (banks pocketing profits but also some higher funding costs this year). I think rates could stay low this year and maybe next. They are volatile..

      One big problem is that rates have been at 3% or under for over 5 yrs.. So, you have people renewing their mortgages at these ridiculously low rates.. It’s become the norm.. Govts will be hard pressed to raise rates quickly.. it should be a slow gradual climb.. that’s my best guess..


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