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Significant decrease in first time home buyers in 2019

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation released The State of Homebuying in Canada report on November 15, 2019, with a few key findings, including this headline. 

The annual State of Homebuying in Canada report noted that 56% of all purchasers were first time buyers in 2018. This dropped to 47% in 2019.

The tightening of mortgage rules which has been taking place over the last 4 years is certainly having an effect. The never ending rule changes were intended to slow home sales and prices. But like most government interventions, its had the opposite effect.

Fewer first time home buyers are now able to qualify. They aren’t alone. Private investors, or people owning a second or third property, are also finding it much more difficult to qualify for a mortgage.

The end result is fewer rental units available and record high rents. Canadians are motivated to buy but cannot qualify. They also cannot afford to rent because, in most cases, monthly rents are higher than a mortgage payment.

Well done Federal Government of Canada!

Ok, that’s the bad news. Now for the good news; there are financial institutions still interested in lending money to qualified borrowers. If you’re taking the time to read this, then this means you! Mortgage brokers have seen a huge increase in calls from home buyers. 36% of buyers consulted a mortgage broker in 2018 compared with 49% in 2019. This makes sense as the mortgage rules have become more complex and confusing to purchasers.

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  1. We’re following in with some unprecedented news coming in from Canada – the number of house buyers has decreased recently – and it has been the first time since 2019 that such a situation has arisen. Is this a sign of worrying times? Only time can tell.

    • Supply and demand. This will tell us if prices continue to go up. Seeing some cooling off in some markets. Summer is always slower.. Will be watching attentively.

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